ID3 Wins Fab-50 Award

ATLANTA, Ga. - The innovative expertise of ID3 group wins its fourth spot in a row on Event Marketer Magazine's 2020 Fab 50 list; an annual listing of the top exhibit builders in North America. After an especially challenging year, ID3 respects and values partnership, patience, and perseverance to keep the dream of redefining fabrication alive.

Id3 group represents how an idea is materialized from design to reality, with cutting-edge technology, refined processes, and the drive from our team to push the boundaries of fabrication each year. Consistent solution-oriented teamwork from those at ID3 produce experiences unlike anything imaginable.

"Its proprietary 3Dimensioneering process brought to life Hamilton: The Exhibition," said Event Marketer Magazine, "which required a team of 100 who spent 50,000 hours working on the experience's 18 rooms."

Since 2008, ID3 has partnered with anyone ready to take on the impossible by evolving and expanding their capabilities to fit the needs for all.